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Advantages of Choosing a Custom Home Builder in Tulsa

Sometimes it’s OK to compromise, but what if you don’t want to compromise on your dream home? Have you considered hiring a custom home builder in Tulsa? With a custom home builder, you can get a home that has everything you want and nothing that you don’t! Here are 4 reasons to consider this option.

It's Your Dream Home

When you purchase a pre-built home, you inevitably have to compromise on some of the things you wanted. After all, that house was built for someone else. It was built with someone else’s needs and wants. When you choose that home instead of a custom-built home, you may not get that office space, or gourmet kitchen and something in your vision will have to give.


A lot of times, buying a home means choosing what you value more: location or home features. But with a custom home builder, you don’t have to choose! You can build your new home close to work, in your ideal school district, or near your family while also getting the features you’ve always dreamed of.

Energy Efficiency

When you get a custom-built house, you can make it as energy-efficient as you want. You can prioritize sustainability and energy efficiency in everything from the building materials to the kitchen appliances. This way, your home will be set up to reduce energy costs and make less of an impact on the environment.

Get The Features You Want

Whether it is an outdoor living area, wine cellar, built in bookshelves, custom theater room, or whatever your vision is, there’s something extra special about raising your kids in a place that’s all yours from the start. You’ll make so many wonderful memories in a place that no one else has.

Great Features For Your Custom-Built Home

If you’re about to start the process of designing a custom home, you have a lot of options! There are so many features to choose from. Really the only thing limiting you is your budget. Here are a few great features to consider when hiring custom house builders in Tulsa.

mud room in custom home

Mud Room

A mudroom is always nice, especially if you have kids who are constantly tracking mud into your home. But not all houses come with this convenient feature where you can leave behind shoes and coats. When you plan a mudroom as part of your custom-built home, your life will get a little easier and your home will get a little cleaner!

vaulted high ceiling

High Ceilings

High ceilings are an easy way to open up your space. They make your home seem brighter and bigger. If you’re buying a custom-build home, consider choosing ceilings that are 8 feet tall or higher. This will also give you more options with light fixtures and wall art.

Built-in Shelves

Built-In Shelves

Storage solutions are an important part of every home. But sometimes if you don’t plan the storage solutions before the building, you run out of room later on. Plan your storage from the beginning by incorporating custom shelving into your home design. Plus, built-ins are great for more than storage: they’re a beautiful decorative feature for any room in the house.

His and Her Closets

His and Her Closets

One of the most common complaints of couples is not enough closet space. But if you plan for his and hers closets from the start, you’ll have more room for your and your partner’s clothing. You won’t have to take over the spare room with your overflowing clothes because you’ll have plenty of room in your own closet.

Outdoor Area

Outdoor Living Area

An outdoor living area is perfect if you love entertaining! You can incorporate a seating area with a grill or outdoor pizza oven, surrounded by gorgeous landscaping. If you don’t want something that’s completely outdoors, you might think about adding a sunroom.

Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

If you’re a wine connoisseur, why not make your love of wine a permanent feature in your custom-built home? Your very own wine cellar can include customized shelving and coolers to preserve as many bottles of wine as you’d like. A wine cellar is one of those luxurious features that can make your house feel like home.


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